Facilities in St Anthony's Shrine, Dornahalli


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    A wide variety of accommodation for the smooth and prayer experience of the pilgrims, they are provide with double beds, attached toilets, and other facilities. They can choose the rooms according to their needs. Booking of the rooms over phone and mails is not encouraged. There are also places for cooking, where people cook their own food and distribute to co-pilgrims and pay their vow to the saint.

    Accommodation Gallery

  • Stall

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    The stall offers variety of devotional materials and statues.

    • Holy Oil
    • Holy Water
    • Rosaries
    • Medals
    • St.Anthony's Statues (At different sizes)
    • Cassetts & Cd'S
    • St.Anthony's Frames
    • Candles
    • Flowers
    • St.Anthony's Novena Books (English, Kannada,Tamil & Konkani)
    • Offerings
    • Key Chains
    • Bracelets
    • Ring Rosaries
    • Prayer Cards (In all languages)
    • St.Anthony's Chakra
    • St.Anthony's Threads
    • St.Anthony's Stickers

    Stall Gallery

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  • Perpetual Adoration Chapel

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    For vigils and constant prayers. There is a perpetual adoration chapel. The Lord blesses those who pray to him silently and humbly.

    Perpetual Adoration Chapel Gallery

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  • Canteen

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