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Events Held in St Anthony Dornahalli Church

1. During novena there will be Holy Mass. Special Prayers, Sermons, Procession and Benediction of the holy Sacrament. On the feast day there will be masses in different languages, Confessions will be heard. In the evening there will be a grand procession.
2. "Padua Pushpa" a cassette in Kannada and "Paduvai Punidar" a cassette in Tamil will be on sale."PARIPALAKA" C.D And "PAVANA" VCD AVAILABLE.

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We wish you all devotees of St Anthony Dornahalli Church & all benefactors & well wisher of the shrine.
Happy Merry Christmas & New Year 2017.
                                                                 From : Rev. Dr. R. Arogya Swamy
                                                            Rector of St Anthony Shrine, Dornahalli
Holy Mass Daily :
6-30 A.M
Every Sunday :
6-30 A.M (Holy Mass )
10-00 A.M (Holy Mass )
6.30 PM (Adoration)
Every Tuesday :
6:30AM & 11AM holly mass followed by Blessed Sacrament.
Meals are provided for every devotees on every Tuesday at 12:30pm.
Novena,Procession & Special Prayers for the Devotees.
6.30 PM (Adoration)
Flag Hoisting :
4th June
Novena :
4th to 12th June
The Anniversary :
13th of June
Note : Masses will be offered according to the request of the devotees.